In 1976, the Conference of Georgia Baptist Evangelists was established to glorify God in reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through mobilizing Georgia’s Baptist evangelists and working cooperatively with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board to promote revival/evangelism throughout the churches in our state, and to promote familiarity with the individual evangelist members of GBE through a web site, a directory, and promotional activities with ministers, the GBC, and The Christian Index.

The organization was renamed Georgia Baptist Evangelists, Inc. (GBE) in 2015.  Our purpose today remains the same:

  1. To lift up the name of Jesus
  2. To harvest the crop of souls ready to receive Christ through preaching, singing, drama, street witnessing, house to house witnessing, broadcast, radio, television, internet, print media, and all methods of communication to calling men to Christ.
  3. To promote fellowship among those engaged in evangelism among Georgia Baptist churches.
  4. To provide inspiration and information to assist the evangelist to better serve the Lord Jesus Christ and the churches whom they serve.
  5. To work with the Georgia Baptist Convention in bringing all Georgians to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  6. To promote revival/evangelism in all churches.
  7. To commend God-called men to the churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention.
  8. To teach and uphold the office of the evangelist. (Ephesians 4:11)

As an official organization recognized by the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, through GBE, evangelists are given an identity and a voice that would not be possible otherwise.  GBE has the ability to represent the concerns of the Georgia Baptist evangelists on a statewide level.  By joining GBE, there is some “lobbying” power in which concerns can be voiced.  By joining GBE, every member’s picture appears in a directory that will be mailed to Georgia pastors or on a website.  Because of the application process required to be a member, pastors can be assured of integrity and accountability from those identified with GBE.  An evangelist’s identification with GBE provides a venue of to become acquainted with other like-minded ministries, allowing iron to sharpen iron.  GBE is committed to upholding the office of the evangelist, promoting fellowship among evangelists, and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board in seeing that our concerns are well-represented.



  1. Be of high moral character
  2. Be a member in good standing of a cooperating Georgia Baptist church
  3. Derive your primary source of income from the ministry of evangelism (not serving as a pastor, denominational leader, or on a church staff)
  4. Serve in a minimum of 20 revival meetings a year (to be considered full-time)



Dues are required by December 31 each year to guarantee inclusion in GBE publicity, including the web site.

$100 yearly for Full-Time Vocational Evangelists

$50 for Bi-vocational Evangelists

$25 for Honorary Evangelists (age 70 and above with at least 5 years experience)


Please contact our Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Cleghorn for information on payment options.


Please fill out this Membership Application and send to our Secretary/Treasurer:


        Jeff Cleghorn

       406 Wrasling Way

       Bonaire, GA  31005

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